Bergans Soleie Tee Men

Bergans Soleie Tee Men

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Soleie is part of the ultralight series, Bergans' lightest series of woolen garments developed for use in all kinds of weather – also in the summer. Soleie is composed of thin and light garments that are ideal for training regardless of weather and temperature. Merino wool has a unique temperature-regulating ability. It makes sure you're cozy and warm in the depths of winter and cools you down in the heat of summer. Merino wool is also exceptionally good at eliminating odors. Go for Soleie when you're looking for a basic garment that can be used all year round. Soleie is suitable for stand-alone use or as the innermost layer right next to your skin. Ideal for multilayering!

8980 Soleie Tee

Fabric: 100 % Merino Wool
UPF: 25+
Weight: 150 g/m²
Fiber: 18.5 micron
Weight: 160 g


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