Xtorm Evoke solar charger

Xtorm Evoke solar charger

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This outdoor Charger is recharged on solar power in a short time thanks to the high efficiency solar panels. The exterior of this robust Charger is made of rubber.

The Evoke Solar Charger is equipped with an built-in li-polymer battery that can be charged to 10,000mAh. With this large battery you can charge your smartphone, tablet, GPS and other mobile devices several times before it is necessary to recharge the Evoke Solar Charger again.

This robust Charger can be recharged in two ways; via USB and the built in solar panel. Via the Micro USB port with an 5V-1.5A input the battery is charged in no time. Even lack of electricity will not cause any problems! In the sunlight the high efficiency Sunpower® solar panel fully recharges the battery in the blink of an eye.

The Charger is protected against splashing of water. On top of that it is possible to charge two devices at the same time, because the Evoke Solar Charger has two USB ports.

The Evoke Solar Charger offers the perfect mobile charging solution for holidays and outdoor activities. With the large internal battery and the powerful solar panel you will always have some extra energy at hand, wherever and whenever needed!


Solar panel

  4.5 Watts
Battery capacity 10.000mAh
Battery-type Li-polymer
Dimensions 16.5x10x2.1cm
Input Micro USB 1A
Output 2x Female USB (5V/1A + 5V/2.1A)
Weight 366 grams
Including Mirco USB Charging cable and manual
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