trek´n eat Deftiger Kartoffeleintopf mit Rind und Bohnen

trek´n eat Deftiger Kartoffeleintopf mit Rind und Bohnen

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True home cooking for outdoor lovers: With the motto “Eat just like at Mom’s”, the Hearty Potato Stir Fry with Beef and green Beans is ready to offer you a flavorful taste experience and nutritional goodness in just 10 minutes. Beef and beans work together as ingredients to create a savory one-pot meal. As usual at Trek’n Eat, all ingredients are natural. Plus, artificial colors as well as preservatives and flavor enhancers are omitted. Pour in boiling water, and enjoy this flavorful meal after 10 minutes. Well fortified, you are now ready to carry on with the trekking or climbing tour.


Net weight: 170g. After added water: 720g

Nutrition facts per 100g per meal
kJ/kcal 1550/370 2635/629
Protein 17g 28.9g
Fat 12g 20.4g
- of which saturated fatty acids 7.3g 12.41g
Carbohydrates 49g 83.3g
- of which sugar 4.9g 8.33g
Fibre 9.7g 16.49g
salt 3.8g 6.46g
contains meat
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