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Jack Wolfskin DAKAR PARKA W

Very waterproof and very breathable parka with simple, clean design for travel and everyday wear
179.95 *

Jack Wolfskin JASPER JKT W

Waterproof, breathable hiking jacket with system zip

199.95 *

Jack Wolfskin MOUNT EMIN JKT W

Waterproof, very breathable hiking jacket made of recycled fabric with system zip
229.95 *

Pinewood Isaberg Damen Jacket

Wind and waterproof leisure jacket in great design!

149.95 *

Pinewood Eastmain Jacket Damen

A soft yet sturdy 2-layer wind- and waterproof outdoor jacket in a straight, longer model. Lightweight.

199.95 *

Vau De Wo Caserina 3in1 Jacket

Double jacket for hiking - waterproof, windproof und breathable - warm - eco-friendly manufacturing
300.00 *

Vaude Wo Hurricane Jacket IV

Storm on the horizon? So what! The Hurricane Jacket is our tried and tested classic when it comes to a windproof softshell jacket for summer.

100.00 *

Tatonka Lakho W's Hooded Jacket

Warm hooded jacket in a trendy color-blocking look. Made of T-Wool Knit.

99.00 *
130.00 €
You save 31.00 €

Pyua Fly Women`s Jacket

PYUA’s leichteste 3-Lagen Jacke für das Wandern.

299.95 *

Tatonka Floy W's Coat

Fest gefütterter Wetterschutzmantel aus T-HardShell Herringbone mit legerem Schnitt. PFC-frei ausgerüstet.

199.00 *
280.00 €
You save 81.00 €

Bergans Syvde Lady Jacket

Technical quality fabrics designed in clean, simple lines make the Syvde a smart everyday jacket that protects you from the elements.

179.00 *
250.00 €
You save 71.00 €

Bergans Ramberg 2L ins W Jkt.

Waterproof, windproof and breathable 2-layer Bergans Element Active® fabric. Insulated with Bergans ArcticInsulation.

169.00 *
200.00 €
You save 31.00 €

Pinewood Wildmark Membran Damen Fleece Jacke

Wind- and waterproof fleece jacket in silent and smooth 240 grams anti-pilling fleece.

99.95 *


Classic 3-in-1 jacket with warm fleece inner jacket

199.95 *

Vau De Wo Skomer Wool Parka

A stylish winter parka for hiking - waterproof, windproof and breathable - warm and cozy - eco-friendly production
300.00 *

Pyua Breakout S

Leichte 3-Lagen-Jacke mit körpernahem Schnitt aus robustem Polyester Material für aktive Freizeit und anspruchsvolle Touren.

399.95 *

Rab Downpour Jacket Womens

The Women's Downpour Jacket is a lightweight waterproof layer, for general everyday protection.

129.95 *
129.95 €

Rab Kinetic Plus Jacket Womens

The Women's Kinetic Plus Jacket is a super lightweight, breathable stretch softshell that is also waterproof, the ideal outer layering piece for a range of mountain activities.

199.95 *

Coghlans Notfall-Poncho transparent

Polyethylenponcho mit Kapuze.
2.50 *
In stock

Pinewood Isaberg Jacke Damen

Windproof and waterproof leisure jacket in great design!

149.95 *

Schöffel Hybrid Jacket Gijon1

119.00 *
199.95 €
You save 80.95 €

Vaude Escape Light Jacket Womens

Always the right choice: this lightweight and modern all-round jackets was developed based on the successful Escape jacket.

100.00 *


Head out on an all-day adventure knowing that this parka will provide the warmth, mobility...

109.00 *
139.99 €
You save 30.99 €

Schöffel 3in1 Jacket Tignes

Feels great to be outside – with the Tignes 3-in-1 jacket. This women’s PFC-free Venturi double jacket is made of reliable wind- and waterproof fabric.

149.00 *
199.95 €
You save 50.95 €


Whether bounding through a blizzard or grabbing morning coffee, this best-selling jacket w...
199.00 *
299.99 €
You save 100.99 €

Tatonka Manjo W's Parka

Casual winter parka made of robust, lightly waxed cotton blend fabric (T-Poly Cotton W) with padded lining T-Insulation (3M ™ Thinsulate ™ Insulation).

199.00 *
280.00 €
You save 81.00 €

Tatonka Newell Women's 3in1 Coat

Modischer Mantel mit herausnehmbarer Innenjacke

279.00 *
400.00 €
You save 121.00 €


Ideal for high-energy adventurers, this 3-in-1 jacket gives you versatile all-weather prot...

179.00 *
219.99 €
You save 40.99 €

Schöffel Dynasty

Damen Hardshell für viel Bewegung im Freien bei jedem Wetter – dank VENTURI®-Stretch.

129.00 *
199.95 €
You save 70.95 €

Schöffel 3in1 Jacket Genova

Discreet and amazing to look at. You’ll love this longer cut women’s Venturi double jacket.

199.00 *
349.95 €
You save 150.95 €

Tatonka Gine Women's Jacket


Sorry, but we are unable to offer an English translation for our product descriptions. Nevertheless, an inexpensive and uncomplicated shipping of our goods within the EU is no problem.
Allround-Jacke für die nasskalte Jahreszeit: länger und figurbetont geschnitten, warm wattiert und elegant-schlichte Optik dank Herringbone-Außenmaterial.


149.00 *
229.95 €
You save 80.95 €

Bergans Bjerke 3in1 Lady Coat

Bjerke is three in one garment, and is suitable for year-round use.

339.00 *
450.00 €
You save 111.00 €

Tatonka Doyd Womens Coat

Waterproof women's coat made of breathable material. PFC free

139.00 *
174.95 €
You save 35.95 €

Schöffel Jacket Sedona

Modische, wasserdichte, wattierte Damen Venturi Jacke aus Venturi 2-Lagen Laminat

149.00 *
249.95 €
You save 100.95 €

Rab Mantra Jacket Womens

Perfect for climbers and mountaineers, this jacket has been designed for movement, breathability, and comfort, all day long.

279.95 *

Pyua Gorge W´s

Leichte 3-Lagen-Jacke mit körpernahem Schnitt für Tourengeherinnen, Freeriderinnen und Ganzjahreseinsatz.

399.95 *

The North Face Winter Solstice Jacket Women

The North Face Women’s Winter Solstice Jacket is waterproof and breathable and built to protect you from inclement weather during outdoor forays.
199.00 *
260.00 €
You save 61.00 €

The North Face Zenith Triclimate Jacket Women

For 3-in-1 function choose The North Face Women’s Zenith Triclimate Jacket combining a waterproof shell and high loft fleece inner.

149.00 *
250.00 €
You save 101.00 €

Vaude Covero Poncho II

This classic rain poncho made from environmentally friendly, bluesign® certified primary material can be put on in a flash to protect you from the elements.

50.00 *

Vaude Wo Limford Jacket II

An artist of understatement: the stylish winter jacket conceals countless practical detail...
159.00 *
200.00 €
You save 41.00 €

Bergans Roros Insulated Lady Jacket

Die Bergans Røros Insulated Jacket zeichnet sich durch eine einzigartige Woll-Woll-Konstruktion aus

199.00 *
350.00 €
You save 151.00 €

Maier Sports Patria


139.00 *
179.95 €
You save 40.95 €

Schöffel Fernie

Empfohlen von Peter Schöffel. Für erlebnisreiche Outdoortage.

Preis bisher 279,95

119.00 *
280.00 €
You save 161.00 €

Vaude Califo Parka II Womens

It's (not) a question of style: this trendy, youthful summer parka works for campus, work and play.

200.00 *

Rab Haven Parka Womens

Wrap up for winter with our Haven Parka - a warm, waterproof jacket that will keep you looking and feeling snug throughout the colder months.

219.00 *
269.95 €
You save 50.95 €

Vau De Vermont Women

Wattierte Winterjacke für Stadt und Freizeit.

Statt 149,95 jetzt nur 99,95€

99.95 *
150.00 €
You save 50.05 €

The North Face Winter Solstice Jacket Women's

159.00 *
230.00 €
You save 71.00 €

Schöffel Englee

Leicht wattierte Winter-Hardshell, die besten Wetterschutz bietet.

139.00 *
179.95 €
You save 40.95 €

Mammut Youko Jacket Women

Feminine, lang geschnittene Jacke mit modischem Print und individuell einstellbarer Kapuze.

149.00 *
190.00 €
You save 41.00 €

Schöffel Calabria Jacke

Eine Damen Outdoorjacke für abenteuerliche Gassigänge bei jedem Wetter. Wirklich viele Taschen, langer Schnitt mit Taillenzug, Unterarmbelüftung, abtrennbare Sturmkapuze.

139.00 *
270.00 €
You save 131.00 €

Fjäll Räven Una Jacket

Es kann nur einen geben. Schlichter aber schicker Kurzmantel, der sich im Winter richtig wohlfühlt.

379.95 *

Schöffel Audrey

89.00 *
170.00 €
You save 81.00 €


Robust, highly breathable weatherproof jacket with ventilation zips
479.90 *
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