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Individual tents

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Wechsel Charger

With the ’Charger’ we present a classic type – very modern. The 2-person tent with an excellent construction and almost no pegs is a great starter model.

249.90 *
In stock

Wechsel Outpost 2

Very spacious tent for 2 persons. The unique inner tent design offers comfortable sleeping space for tall persons, too.

299.90 *
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In stock

Wechsel Outpost 3

The Outpost 3 is a very spacious and comfortable small family tent. The asymmetrical footprint of the inner tent and the comfortable height make longer stays in the tent possible.

349.90 *
In stock

Exped Cetus II UL green

The Cetus II UL is our tunnel tent for undertakings that require a decent amount of gear.

600.00 *
In stock

Wechsel Exogen 2

The Exogen 2 is a freestanding geodesic tent for two person - including two vestibules. Two aluminum hubs at the poles ensure high wind stability.

499.90 *
In stock

Exped Mira II HL

The Mira II HL offers a balanced combination of space, comfort and light weight comfort for two.

470.00 *
In stock

Wechsel Intrepid 4

The Intrepid 4 is a 4-person tent with large rain-protected entrances and one vestibule.

399.90 *
In stock

Exped Mira III HL

The Mira III HL offers a balanced combination of space, comfort and light weight comfort for two or three people.

550.00 *
In stock

Exped Vela I Extrem

The Vela I extreme is a lightweight and sturdy 1 person tent for 4-season use.

440.00 *
In stock

Tatonka Kyrkia

Sehr leichtes und robustes 1-Personenzelt für lange Kerls und schwierige Bedingungen
400.00 *
In stock

Tatonka Buffin 4

Wer ein familientaugliches Zelt mit relativ geringem Packmaß sucht, zum Beispiel für die nächste Fahrradtour mit der ganzen Familie, hat mit Buffin 4 die adäquate Unterkunft gefunden.
580.00 *
In stock

Tatonka Okisba

Lightweight 2 man tent with vestibule for trekking and camping.

570.00 *
In stock

Exped Venus II Extrem

Robustes Leichtzelt für zwei Personen mit kleinem Packvolumen und dennoch einem großen Vorraum auf jeder Zeltseite.

640.00 *

Tatonka Alaska Family DLX

1,000.00 *
In stock


Extra spacious 3-person dome tent with 360° ventilation
359.95 *
In stock


Ein No-Go-Area für Mücken und Kriechtiere. Selbsttragendes Moskitonetz als Kuppelzelt-Konstruktion.
140.00 *
In stock
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