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Fjäll Räven Passport Wallet

Practical travel wallet in G-1000 HeavyDuty in a slim format for travelling. Room for money, credit cards and a passport (up to 125 x 90 mm).
49.95 *

Fjäll Räven Ulvö Hip Pack Medium

Convenient hip bag in award-winning Bergshell fabric for travelling and short treks.
49.95 *

Osprey QuickLock Wallet

We’ve adopted the ‘organise and protect’ mentality because nothing is more important than keeping your essentials secure when on the move. We’ve designed our QuickLock™ Wallet with a unique closure system for maximum security and hidden currency sleeve to keep your cash out of sight.

20.00 *

Deuter Pulse Two

22.95 *
In stock

Tatonka Skin Moneybelt Int.

Travel Safety - Tatonka - Skin Moneybelt Int.

16.00 *

Tatonka Euro Wallet RFID B

Fold-out wallet with lots of compartments and integrated read protection. The new RFID technology is advancing: data stored electronically on RFID chips that are used, for instance, on debit and credit cards, mobile phones, passports and ID cards, are read quickly and without physical contact using remote technology. However, this also attracts criminal interest, so you should protect any of your documents and devices that have this feature.The Euro Wallet has plenty of room for notes, business cards and credit cards. And of course there is also a separate zip compartment for small change.

20.00 *

Tatonka Check In RFID B

35.00 *
In stock

Tatonka Travel Waistbelt

Strong and functional belt with secret compartment. At fi rst glance, the Travel Waistbelt is simply an attractive and robust belt. But there's a lot more to it than meets the eye, as it has a secret zip-up pocket on the inside. So even in large crowds you can be sure that you won't be at risk from pickpockets.
15.00 *
In stock

Tatonka Skin Neck Pouch RFID

Small, lightweight neck bag with read protection.

25.00 *
In stock

Tatonka Skin Chest Holster RFID

Safety bag with read protection.

28.00 *
In stock

Tatonka Sleeve RFID B Set

Credit card-sized data protection folder.

10.00 *
In stock

Tatonka NP Smartphone Case

12.00 *
In stock

Tatonka Neopren Zip Bag

Universal neoprene belt bag. This zip bag made of neoprene is small and manageable, can be flexibly attached to a belt and reliably protects contents like digital camera, keys or spectacles from knocks and bumps thanks to its material properties.
13.00 *

Tatonka Flip In Pocket

Sicherheitsbeutel zum Tragen unter der Kleidung. Einfach den Gürtel durchziehen und nach innen in die Hose klappen.
10.00 *

Tatonka Skin ID Pocket

Kleiner Umhängebeutel für Personal- oder Schülerausweis mit Reißverschluss-Kleingeldfach.
9.00 *

Tatonka Skin neck Pouch

Flacher, hautfreundlicher Brustbeutel für Ordnung und Sicherheit in Neapel.
16.00 *

Jack Wolfskin PAC ME Y.D.

Waist pack with front pocket
29.95 *


Security pouch for travel documents with RFID data-theft protection
39.95 *
In stock

Jack Wolfskin UPGRADE S

Small waist pouch with external front pocket
19.95 *
In stock

Jack Wolfskin COIN & CREDIT

Flat folding wallet
13.95 *

Jack Wolfskin SWIFT

Lightweight hip bag with plenty of pockets
27.95 *
In stock

Jack Wolfskin MOBILE BANK

Geldbörse mit vielen Fächern
14.95 *


Gürtel mit sicherem Geldscheinversteck
19.95 *


Dokumenten-Gurt in Reisepass- und Ticketgröße
9.95 *

Jack Wolfskin HOKUS POKUS

Kompakte Hüfttasche mit Geheimfach
19.95 *

Jack Wolfskin UPGRADE

Aufwändig ausgestattete Hüfttasche mit zwei Vortaschen
29.95 *

Jack Wolfskin ORGANIZER

Leichter Brustbeutel mit hautfreundlicher Rückseite
12.95 *

Jack Wolfskin FIRST CLASS

Reichlich Platz für Ihre Moneten und Karten.
15.95 *


Das praktische, sichere und wasserdichte Wertsachenversteck für unterwegs.
14.95 *
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