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Sea to Summit Combo Cable TSA Lock

Adds versatility for oversize zips or unusual closures and keeping several bags together.

12.95 *
In stock

Osprey Ultralight Raincover M

That rainstorm you've been dodging all day has caught up. You'll need to quickly ensure your pack and gear is completely protected.

34.00 *
In stock

Vaude TSA Combination Lock

User-friendly combination lock. The combination can be reset as often as you want. Approved by the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) – allows airport screeners to inspect and re-lock the bag without damaging the lock.

10.00 *
In stock

Jack Wolfskin TRANSPORT COVER 2IN1 65-85L

Waterproof transport cover for packs up to 85 litres capacity
29.95 *
In stock

Deuter KC Sun Roof

The flexible and durable sun roof is securely attached to the Deuter child carrier with buckles.

24.95 *

Deuter Raincover I

PU coating and taped seams guarantee great water protection

16.95 *
In stock

Deuter Raincover Mini

12.95 *
In stock

Vau De OSRAM-Light me up Kit

LED light - compatible with all OSRAM ready products - luminescent, innovative light connects to a portable charger - provides greater visibility in road traffic
25.00 *
In stock

Tatonka NP Smartphone Case

12.00 *
In stock

Tatonka Travel Strap

Baggage strap with a clip fastener for luggage compression or to attach carry-on luggage to a trolley.

7.00 *
In stock

Jack Wolfskin RAINCOVER 40-60L

Large waterproof cover for packs from 40 to 60 litres capacity
19.95 *
In stock

Jack Wolfskin RAINCOVER 30-40L

Medium size waterproof cover for packs from 30 to 40 litres capacity
18.95 *
In stock

Tatonka Schutzsack Universal

24.00 *
In stock

Tatonka Rain Flap

15.00 *

Tatonka Chestbelt 20mm

Funktionaler Brust- und Bauchgurt für ergonomisches Tragen.
5.00 *
In stock

Tatonka Schutzsack

Mechanischer Schutz vor grober Handhabung und fiesen Förderbändern.
8.00 *
In stock
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