Rab Ninja Balaclava

Rab Ninja Balaclava

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The Ninja Balaclava is a light-weight, breathable and high stretch fleece balaclava, designed to offer maximum protection against the elements in harsh conditions. Topping out on the Cairngorm plateau in a white out and high winds can literally take your breath away. In such situations the Ninja Balaclava provides protection from the elements, helping to fend off frost nip and ice whipped up by the wind, meaning you can focus on the task in hand, whether it's navigation or stashing your rope and gear before the long slog back to civilisation.


  • Weight: 70g/2.5oz
  • Brushed polyester/spandex stretch main fabric
  • Polartec® Windbloc® face panel
  • Nose and mouth vents for breathing
  • Flip-down head section
  • Low bulk
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