Thermarest Trail Lite, regular

Thermarest Trail Lite, regular

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Trail Lite ist eine der besten Allround-Matten für Rucksacktouren.

  • Versatile: Light and compact enough for backpacking without sacrificing the comfort you desire for car camping.
  • Lightweight: Diecut foam and efficient shape reduce weight while providing a straight torso area for gapless coupling of mattresses.
  • Easy to use: Foam core self-inflates and rolls up small for easy packing.

R-Value 3.4
Weight (Metric) 0.74 kg
Width (Metric) 51 cm
Length (Metric) 183 cm
Thickness (Metric) 3.8 cm
Packed dimension (Metric) 28 x 15
fabric type 75d Polyester

USA*Built of the Finest U.S. and Global Materials
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