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Lowe Alpine Aeon 27

The Aeon 27 is a lightweight, technical day pack that’s as versatile as you are.

119,95 *

Lowe Alpine Airzone Z 20

Whether you’re in town or on the trail, the AirZone Z 20 is a versatile backpack that keeps you cool and comfortable.

89,95 *

Lowe Alpine Manaslu ND50:65

Ideal for wilderness trekking and long distance travelling, the Manaslu ND50:65 is a lighter, lower volume backpacking and trekking pack you can rely on

219,95 *

Lowe Alpine Adventurer 20

Der Adventurer ist ein 20 Liter Daypack im Retro Design.

69,95 *

Lowe Alpine Altus ND40:45

Move with agility on mountain trails or over untouched snow with the Altus ND40:45, a versatile women’s four season hiking backpack that provides great load support and stability.

169,95 *
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Lowe Alpine Kulu 65:75

Travel the world with the Kulu 65:75, a larger volume backpacking pack with patented FlipBelt™ technology designed to ease the stress of transit.

199,95 *
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Lowe Alpine Manaslu 65:80

When there are days between drops and miles between camps, stay strong and push on with the Manaslu 65:80, a robust and versatile backpacking and trekking pack in the classic size, designed to carry large loads in comfort.

229,95 *
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