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Tatonka Stretch Belt 25mm

Elastic travel belt with a practical hook closure.

12.00 € *

Tatonka Stretch Belt 32mm

Elastic travel waist belt (32 mm) with a practical hook closure.

14.00 € *
expected to be available in 4-5 business days

Tatonka Stretch Belt 32mm

Ultra-comfortable stretchy belt with a practical metal hook closure.

14.00 € *
In stock

Fjäll Räven Canvas Money Belt

Practical and attractive synthetic money belt with G-1000 on the outside. Hidden safety pocket on the inside and a metal squeeze buckle.
49.95 € *
In stock

Basic Nature Geldgürtel 95 cm

Behalten Sie Ihre Reisekasse bei sich. Falls Sie mal nicht eben an Bargeld kommen.

39.95 € *

Fjäll Räven Gulu Hosenträger

Braces with leather details. Discrete Fjällräven logo in the back.
69.95 € *


Unifarbener Webgürtel mit Metallschließe.
19.95 € *

Jack Wolfskin STRETCH BELT

Elastischer Gürtel mit Magnetschließe
19.95 € *
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