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Icebreaker Quantum LS Zip Hood Women

When you want a warm
179.95 € *

Icebreaker Shifter LS Crewe 200 Men

An undeniably classic crew-neck sweater made with the unparalleled comfort of blended merino wool

129.95 € *

Icebreaker Tech Lite SS Crewe 150 Men

The Tech Lite Short Sleeve Crewe is our highly breathable
65.95 € *

Icebreaker Sphere SS Crewe 130 Men

A lightweight men’s t-shirt that’s perfect for travel, the Sphere Short Sleeve Crewe features ultra-lightweight Cool-Lite™ fabric with a comfortable fit.
65.95 € *

Icebreaker Affinity Thermo LS Half Zip 250 Women

A technical yet stylish midlayer for winter adventures on or off the mountain
159.95 € *

Icebreaker Momentum L/S Zip 260 Men

A full-zip merino wool men’s sweater fleece, the Momentum Long Sleeve Zip is lightweight, stretchy and breathable making it perfect for around town or travel.
159.95 € *

Icebreaker Dia Pullover Hoody 200 Women

The latest addition to our ultra-cozy Dia collection
159.95 € *

Icebreaker Sphere SS Low Crewe Stripe 130 Women

A super-soft women’s short sleeve t-shirt with modern style and a classic crew neck design, the Sphere Short Sleeve Low Crewe is a light and comfortable summer tee with our Cool-Lite merino wool jersey fabric.
65.95 € *

Icebreaker Tech T Lite 150 Men

Ob als 1. oder einzige Schicht, das T-Shirt aus federleichtem 150g/qm Merino ist sehr vielseitig.
65.95 € *

Icebreaker Sphere LS Hood 135 Women

The hood on the Women's Sphere Long Sleeve Hoodie is looser fitting and cowl-shaped so it drapes com...

99.95 € *

Icebreaker Oasis LS Crewe 200 Men

Our Oasis Long Sleeve Crewe is an active base layer made from Bodyfit 200 merino fabric to keep your body at the perfect temperature when you're hiking or exploring the outdoors.

85.95 € *

Icebreaker Siren Tank 150 Women

Wear the flattering scoop-necked Siren Tank as a soft and gentle stand alone layer, or as a cozy und...

39.00 € *
50.00 €
You save 11.00 €

Icebreaker Oasis LS Crewe 200 Women

The Oasis Crewe from our Bodyfit range of active base layers comes in lightweight 200gm fabric to keep you warm when you're hiking a trail or hitting the ski field.

85.95 € *

Icebreaker Butter Rib LS 180 Women

The Butter Rib Long Sleeve is a super-soft rib-knit shirt perfect for mountain huts, campfires or cu...

85.95 € *

Icebreaker Tech T Lite 150 Road Trip

Das ultraleichte T-Shirt für warme bis heiße Tage. Mit aufgedrucktem kleinen Camper.
45.00 € *
60.00 €
You save 15.00 €

Icebreaker Gust Jacket Women

149.00 € *
200.00 €
You save 51.00 €

Icebreaker Oasis SS Crewe 200 Men

The highly versatile short sleeve Oasis Crewe is an active base layer made from Bodyfit 200 merino fabric to keep your body at the perfect temperature in the outdoors.

75.95 € *

Icebreaker S/S Siren Sweetheat 150 Women

Unterwäsche, die auf den ersten Blick nicht wie Unterwäsche aussieht.
39.00 € *
60.00 €
You save 21.00 €

Icebreaker Vista Hood 200 Women

The Vista Hood is a versatile lightweight layer made from soft midweight 200gm merino—and with an open v neck, it's ideal for layering when you're travelling.
79.00 € *
100.00 €
You save 21.00 €

Icebreaker Terra LS Zip 230 Women

A sleek and stretchy technical midlayer ideal for hikes, climbs, and other long active days in the m...

129.95 € *
159.95 €
You save 30.00 €

Icebreaker Mondo Zip 200 Men

Wie für eine langfristige Beziehung geschaffen: anschmiegsam und pflegeleicht.
69.00 € *
89.95 €
You save 20.95 €

Icebreaker Tech Lite SS Crewe 150 Women

Elevating a women's tee shirt to an art form, the Women's Tech Lite Short Sleeve Crewe combines lightweight merino fabric with feminine details to set a new standard for versatile performance and everyday wear.
65.95 € *

Icebreaker Quantum Vest 260 Men

The ever-popular Quantum Vest in our Technical Mid Layer range is made from 260mg terry merino to keep you warm on cold-weather workouts.
119.95 € *

Icebreaker Sonic S/S Crewe GT150 Men

59.00 € *
80.00 €
You save 21.00 €

Icebreaker Kala Dress 150 Women

Our award-winning casual travel dress that’s as ideal for around-town dinner parties as it is for ex...

89.00 € *
139.95 €
You save 50.95 €

Icebreaker Sphere Tank Stripe 130 Women

Icebreaker's exclusive Cool-Lite™ fabric makes the Women's Sphere Tank the ultimate summer casual tank.

55.95 € *

Icebreaker Apex LS Half Zip 240 Men

Our midweight, long-sleeve half-zip baselayer that’s ideal for cold conditions, the Apex Long Sleeve...
99.00 € *
129.95 €
You save 30.95 €

Icebreaker Oasis SS Crewe 200 Women

The Oasis Crewe from our Bodyfit range of active base layers comes in lightweight 200gm merino fabric for next-to-skin comfort.
75.95 € *

Icebreaker Quantum Hood GT260 Men

129.00 € *
170.00 €
You save 41.00 €

Icebreaker Oasis Crewe 200 Women

Auch für Frauen: höherer Nacken für optimalen Wärmeeinschluss. Wer friert, ist selber Schuld.
65.00 € *
79.95 €
You save 14.95 €

Icebreaker Tech LS Crewe 260 Men

This versatile Tech Top Long Sleeve Crewe comes from our Bodyfit active base layer collection and is made from highly insulating 260gm merino fabric to keep your body at an ideal temperature when you're enjoying the outdoors.

75.00 € *
99.95 €
You save 24.95 €
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