Exped Chair Kit LW

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Exped Chair Kit LW

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Protect your Exped mat and convert it into an outdoor seat at the same time! Exped Chair Kit can be used as a seat, a lounge chair or as a sturdy sleeping mat cover. Used as mat cover, you can save 195 g / 6.9 oz when taking of f the poles and straps.

Converts quickly from a chair to sleeping mat without the need to get up, just loosen the straps and open the quick release buckles.It fits these Exped mats: DownMat 7 LW, DownMat 9 LW, DownMat XP 9 LW, DownMat UL 7 LW, DownMat UL 9 LW, DownMat Lite 5 LW, SynMat 7 LW,SynMat 9 LW, SynMat UL 7 LW, SynMat UL 9 LW, Synmat Lite 5 LW, Synmat Basic 7.5 LW, AirMat 7 LW, AirMat Lite 5 LW, AirMat Basic 7.5 LW, AirMat Lite Plus 5 LW, Air Mat Basic Plus 7.5 LW, AirMat Basic UL 7.5 LW, SIM Lite 3.8 LW, SIM Lite UL 3.8 LW, SIM Lite UL 5 LW, SIM Comfort 5 LW, SIM Comfort 7.5 LW, SIM Comfort 10 LW.

Weight Mat: 
525 g
Weight Packsack: 
60 g
5 years
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1 - 1 of 19 results