Mammut: A success story from 1862 to today
The Mammut Sports Group AG is one of the leading and most successful suppliers of
alpine, climbing and outdoor equipment. Its products set standards in terms of quality
and innovation and create new trends. The mountain sports brand Mammut stands
for the highest levels of safety and is today an almost all-round supplier in the
outdoor world. In 2012, Mammut celebrated its 150th anniversary.

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New Mammut EOST T-Shirt Women

Das T-Shirt zum Event von Mammut mit E.O.F.T Logo

25.00 € *

Mammut Crater HS Hooded Jacket Men

The Crater HS Hooded Jacket Men is a 3-layer GORE-TEX® jacket that is at home on stormy peaks.

380.00 € *

New Mammut EOFT T-Shirt Men

Das T-Shirt zum Event von Mammut mit E.O.F.T Logo

25.00 € *

Mammut Runbold ML Hooded Jacket Men

The Runbold ML Hooded Jacket Men is a mid-layer made from pleasantly soft fleece.

120.00 € *

New Mammut EOFT Beanie

Die limitierte Mammut Mütze mit exklusivem EOFT-Stick

25.00 € *
In stock

Mammut Massone Pants Men

The Massone Pants Men are perfect for anyone looking for comfortable climbing pants.

80.00 € *

Mammut Trovat Advanced Longsleeve Shirt Men

The Trovat Advanced Longsleeve Shirt Men is a quick-drying long-sleeve shirt in a single-color look.

85.00 € *

Mammut Wall Longsleeve Women

The Wall Longsleeve Women, which is made from 100% bioRe® organic cotton and features a feminine embroidered Mammut logo

55.00 € *

Mammut Crag T-Shirt Men

The Crag T-Shirt Men is made from 100% bioRe® organic cotton and features a cool striped look.

45.00 € *

Mammut Trovat T-Shirt Men

Sportliches T-Shirt mit Mammut-Logo

50.00 € *

Mammut Pokiok Soft Shell Cap

The cap stands out with its soft, comfortable soft shell material, which features high vapor penetration.

35.00 € *

Mammut Ophir Chalk Bag

Practical chalk bag with pocket.

18.00 € *

Mammut Togir Chalk Bag

Technical chalk bag with large zippered pocket.

22.00 € *

Mammut Eternity Classic 9,8; 40m

The 9.8 Eternity is the first choice when a very versatile rope with perfect handling is required.

80.00 € *
expected to be available in 4-5 business days

Mammut Add-on chest Bag

The chest-level exterior pocket can be mounted onto almost all backpack shoulder straps and hip belts.

40.00 € *
In stock

Mammut Ophir 4 Slide

The universal Ophir 4 Slide is suitable for sports and indoor climbing as well as for your first alpine tours and climbing ascents.

75.00 € *

Mammut Trovat HS Parka Men

To protect you from the cold on winter hikes or snowshoe tours, the Trovat HS Parka with warm Ajungilak® is a good choice.

279.00 € *
380.00 €
You save 101.00 €

Mammut Ultimate Hoody Women

The evolution of the classic robust Windstopper Jacket!

199.00 € *
250.00 €
You save 51.00 €

Mammut Ridge Jacket Women

399.00 € *
450.00 €
You save 51.00 €

Mammut Kompakt MTI 3-Season Wide 180

The Kompakt Wide offers great freedom of movement and top performance in terms of heat insulation, packing volume and weight.

180.00 € *

Mammut Andalo Jacket Men

Klassisch-schlicht und doch mit Pfiff: Modische Skijacke mit bewährter Ajungilak® OTI-Element-Wattierung.

249.00 € *
380.00 €
You save 131.00 €

Mammut Zermatt Jacket Women

The Ascona Jacket Women is a 2-layer jacket reduced to the essentials
149.00 € *
190.00 €
You save 41.00 €

Mammut Kira HS Parka Women

249.00 € *
350.00 €
You save 101.00 €

Mammut Tyin MTI Winter 180

Synthetic fiber expedition range for tough conditions – from tundra to taiga, the Tyin MTI is ideal for damp and cold regions in the far North.

250.00 € *

Mammut Aenergy Light ML Hooded Jacket Men

The Aenergy Light ML Hooded Jacket Men is a breathable fleece mid-layer.


140.00 € *

Mammut Ultimate Hoody Women

The evolution of a classic! Real attention was given to detail during this development: we used the robust Windstopper material that we developed exclusively with Gore, featuring a 2-tone backing, which gives the jacket a unique and modern look.

260.00 € *

Mammut Trovat Tour 2in1 HS Jacket Men

The Trovat Tour 2 in 1 HS Jacket Men combines a weatherproof outer jacket and an insulating inner jacket.

300.00 € *

Mammut Smart

Beim Hallen- und Sportklettern ganz smart das Seil Sichern und Blockieren mit dem Smart von Mammut.

30.00 € *

Mammut Hörnli Hut Jacket Women

Fashionable young hoody

99.00 € *
140.00 €
You save 41.00 €

Mammut Ally Pants Women

119.00 € *
150.00 €
You save 31.00 €

Mammut Bask Pants Men

119.00 € *
150.00 €
You save 31.00 €

Mammut Trovat Tour HS Jacket Men

With the Trovat Tour HS you are well-protected when walking and traveling.

230.00 € *

Mammut Nirvana Element

Multifunktioneller und bequemer Freerider-Rucksack. Mit seinen vielen Snow-Features ideal für den Wintersport.

69.00 € *
90.00 €
You save 21.00 €

Mammut Hörnli Hut Shirt Men

A fashionable checked shirt with a functional blend of materials

49.00 € *
65.00 €
You save 16.00 €

Mammut Passion Beanie

Coarse knit, warm and classic cap with plain-purl knit and fleece lining.

30.00 € *

Mammut Ruler Parka Men

Wassedichter Parka mit modernem Look

199.00 € *
320.00 €
You save 121.00 €

Mammut Trovat ML Hooded Jacket Women

The comfort of natural cotton and the functionality of synthetic fibers meet in the Trovat ML Hooded Mid-layer.

79.95 € *
100.00 €
You save 20.05 €

Mammut Xeron Courier 20

This backpack combines great features for everyday life and traveling with the modern look of a courier backpack.

90.00 € *

Mammut Wall 8

Sehr stabiles Sicherungsgerät im klassischen Design.

14.00 € *
expected to be available in 4-5 business days

Mammut Segnas HS Jacket Men

Looking for a reliable companion for high-alpine terrain? With the ultra-lightweight 3-layer GORE-TEX® active laminate jacket, you are well on the way to having the right equipment.

329.00 € *
400.00 €
You save 71.00 €

Mammut T-Peak

Für das Mehr an Licht in der dunklen Jahreszeit. Federleichte Kopflampe für alpine Unternehmungen oder schnellen Ausdauersport.

60.00 € *
In stock

Mammut Lezat Pants Men

Fast-drying and breathable hiking pants, equipped with two open side pockets and one closable leg pocket that can fit a map.
110.00 € *

Mammut Rocklands Pants Women

The new Rockland Pants Women come in the same cut and fabric as the Realization Pants Women, only without the climbing harness.
100.00 € *

Mammut Boulder Brush Micro

No more excuses! The Boulder Brush Micro ensures that every crimp, no matter how small, is clean.

6.00 € *
In stock

Mammut Trovat Tour Shirt Men

Whether in everyday life, or in the mountains, you will show your colors with these eye-catching stripes and dyed yarn.

70.00 € *

Mammut Wall Alpine Belay

A belay device for use in alpine terrain, based on the tube principle.

25.00 € *

Mammut Ophir Kids

The Ophir harness – for tomorrow’s climbing pros! Equipped with four Slide Bloc buckles, you can adjust the Ophir Kids to any child size within seconds.

55.00 € *
expected to be available in 4-5 business days
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