Protection of Data Policy

Dear customers,

All information that we obtain during our business contacts help us to improve the design of our online shop and our offer for you and other users. We use this information and data for example when processing orders, for delivering goods as well as during the handling of payments. To update our dataset, our customer accounts and the shipping this information is essential.

The moment you contact us we collect and save information which you enter into our website or transfer to us in other ways. Like most other companies we use so-called cookies as soon as your browser opens our website. Cookies are absolutely innocuous and, amongst other things, help your PC to get along on our website.

The information we collect are used for internal purposes only.

When shopping, you are asked to agree to these conditions through our general terms and conditions of business before finishing your order.

However, there is the possibility to visit websites anonymously. We explicitly wish to point this out to you.


Thank you very much for your understanding.

Yours Mathias Pauls



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